All investment involves various risks, including but not limited to market, exchange rate, volatility, liquidity, credit/ counterparty, assessment degradation, regulatory and political areas. Here are some of the key measures used to minimise the risks,

  • We provide a diversified portfolio of ETFs which consists of equity, bond and real assets. These ETFs are from different markets and sectors and we customise the portfolio allocation based on your risk score. This allows you to have a well-diversified investment and minimise your investment risk
  • We constantly monitor your investments, allowing us to automatically rebalance them if they drift more than 5% of your original allocation. This ensures that your portfolio remains the same based on your original allocation derived from your risk score
  • Your funds are kept in a segregated account held by DBS, while your investments are safety held under the custodian of Saxo Capital – HSBC. Custodian refers to the financial institution responsible for safeguarding investments to minimize the risk of theft or loss
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