For investment plans, you have to pay a monthly fee for a fixed period of time before the plan matures – which you can then withdraw all your investment.

For Smartly, we provide a diversified portfolio in which you can invest or withdraw at any point in time. We believe in providing the flexibility to allow our users to invest or withdraw based on their current financial stability; but, we strongly encourage our users to minimize withdrawals to maximize profits through compound interest.

Being a robo-advisor, the majority of our services are automated. This allows us to reduce any additional costs incurred by the commission of the financial advisors, fund managers and companies - which translates to lower fees for our users. We also provide full transparency to your investment, allowing you to see how much you have earned at any point in time.

Our investment approach is relatively passive as we encourage our users to maximise their returns over the long run. Hence, it is also seen as a long-term saving/investment strategy for individuals.

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