1. Majority of our investments are purchased from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the stock exchange only opens at 9 AM (GMT -4, time in New York, NY, USA); therefore, due to the time difference, we are only able to invest for you at 9 PM (GMT +8, time in Singapore)
  2. When you are making the bank transfer, you may have missed out on the reference code, entered the wrong SWIFT code or transferred from a bank account that does not belong to you. While our customer support will contact you to resolve the issue, there may be some delay from the time you made the deposit to the time we reach out to you
  3. All of the financial institutions such as stock exchange or banks only operate on a business day, we can only process the purchase/sale of investments and deposit/withdraw of funds after the national holiday of either Singapore or United State.

    For example,
    If you were to deposit your funds on Tuesday, which is a public holiday in Singapore. We will only receive your funds on Wednesday after the holiday.

    If Wednesday is a public holiday in the United States, we are only able to invest for you on Thursday.

    Find out more over here,
    Singapore - http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/public-holidays
    New York - https://publicholidays.us/new-york/
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