For identification card, we’ll require a scanned copy or a high-resolution image for the front of your identification card. It needs to clearly show your identification card number, full name and birth date. We do not accept driver’s license, student ID or other forms of identification card.

  • For Singaporeans and permanent residents, you can upload your NIRC, 11B or Passport.
  • For foreigners living in Singapore, you can upload your employment pass (EP) or your passport. Do note that you will need to be staying in Singapore and you must have a local bank account for us to process your account.

For proof of address, you can use any of the following,

  • NRIC (Back page only)
  • A full-page scan of a Utility bill (E.g. Gas, water or electricity)
  • Bank statement
  • Mobile / Internet bill

For utility bill, bank statement or mobile/internet bill, we’ll require a full-page scan of the document. The document needs to be dated less than 3 months ago, and it needs to clearly show your name, address and date of the document. 

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