A full overview of your investments refers to our dashboard which allows you to see the total deposits in your goals, the return after fees and the total value of portfolios. 

The total deposits in your goals refer to the total amount of money which you have invested in all your financial goals (E.g. Rainy day fund or Dream home).

The return after fees refers to the percentage of the amount you made through investment after deducting management fee and other expenses over the total amount which you have invested initially. 

  • An example would be if you have invested $1,000 initially, and earned $100 after two months. After deducting the management fee and other expenses, your returns become $97. The return after fees would be 9.7%. 
  • Other expenses include additional costs such as currency impact and expense ratio. 

The total value of portfolios refers to the total amount of money which you currently have and able to withdraw when required. This includes both the initial amount deposited and the amount earned after investing.

Investment performance refers to the earnings or loss made from investing. We believe that users should have full transparency of their investment, as such we allow our users to see how much they have earned or loss daily, weekly or monthly via the dashboard. 

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